I have been teaching voice lessons since 1997 in the Sarasota area, and I work with students interested in a variety of musical styles, and starting at any level from absolute beginner to experienced vocalist.  If your goal is to be an award winning singer/song writer, to sing at the opera or on Broadway or with a band, or just to have a better understanding of your voice and how it works, I can definitely help you out. My guarantee is that you will walk out of your first lesson sounding better than when you walked in.  After that, you can take it as far as you want to go!

Here's how it works.  Changing the way you breathe and relate to your body results in an immediate improvement in range, tone quality and pitch accuracy.  Visualizations can keep you from "reaching" and straining for notes, and common problems such as shortness of breath and a constriction of the throat can be easily alleviated through basic exercises.  My students range in age from 9 years old to 90.  Many people begin in their 70's and are fascinated by how much they can still accomplish!

The study of vocal technique serves to guide young talented singers to good vocal habits, and can also restore a good sound to the more mature singer who has experienced a decline in vocal strength.  Recently, I have done more work with singers interested in rock and pop music, and have found that the same basic techniques which I apply to classical singing are very effective in other vocal styles. In short, I adapt my teaching to the needs and goals of every individual student.

I believe that being a singer myself helps me to be a good teacher, and  I enthusiastically share my knowledge and experience with anyone who wants to learn from it.  I promise that the satisfaction to be gained from singing is worth every minute of study, and that results can show with just a minimal amount of practice time.  Here are some comments I have received from students and colleagues.

"My band mates, friends and club owners have noticed a significant improvement in my voice over the past few months since I started working with Robert.  From the first lesson, he has helped me improve my breath support, range and tone quality. My voice feels free, and I'm singing the notes in my range without straining.  Every time I think he has taken my voice as far as it can go, he always seems to be able to open up another area for exploration and more pleasant surprises.  I have worked with other voice teachers in the past, but none can compare with Robert's ability to quickly diagnose voice challenges and begin to address them immediately with creative exercises and training techniques.  If you're considering a voice coach, take one lesson with Robert and you will see what I mean."

                                                                       -Rich Odato, singer/guitarist

"Robert Lischetti is an inspiring singer, and as a teacher he demonstrates a rare and unique ability to show his students how to achieve their full vocal potential, regardless of their singing style, age, or previous experience.  His patience and attention to detail are truly amazing."
                                                                      -Virginia Hale, student

"My nephew Sam Woolf has made consistent and impressive progress while studying with Robert.  His range has increased on both top and bottom, and his voice sounds more natural and effortless with each lesson.  I also appreciate him adapting his teaching to Sam's personal style.  Bravo!

                                                                      -Randall Woolf, composer

"I always look forward to my lessons with Mr. Lischetti.  I came to him to improve the range and sound of my voice, and I have seen nothing but positive results.  He always considers what is best for my voice, and I cannot imagine a better voice instructor!"
                                                                       -Jennifer Carlson, student

"Mr Lischetti has helped me to significantly improve the range and tone quality of my voice.  His encouraging words have pushed me to new levels of singing.  I couldn't be happier with the vocal education I get from my weekly lessons.

                                                                       -Hayley Vogt, student

"Not only does Robert Lischetti reinforce and augment all the best singing techniques, but he also gives keen insights from the perspective of a very experinced, professional vocalist.
                                                                     -LaTerry Butler, choir director

"I believe that Robert's extensive background as a professional singer, and his understanding of the mechanics and physiology of the voice make him an ideal voice teacher.  In addition, his languages are excellent."

                                                                      -Harold Evans, conductor

"Studying voice with Robert Lischetti is a joy!  His professional background provides the foundation for a rich and unique learning experience.  Robert provides not only meticulous instruction, but also wise leadership, and he accomplishes all this with an abundance of patience and graceful good humor." 

                                                                        -Vaughn J. Frisk
                                                                          student/college administrator

"Robert Lischetti has brought me further in my vocal development than I ever could have hoped.  In my opinion, any student would be lucky to work with him.  It is due to him that I have an amazing passion for music."

                                                                       -Jefferson Taylor, student

"After forty years of professional singing, I suffered permanent damage to my vocal cords, and in my opinion I could no longer sing.  Robert listened to me and recommended vocal exercises that have helped me reconstruct a voice I thought was beyond repair.  Robert is a master of the vocal instrument, who can help you discover your full potential."
                                                                        -Charles E. Closser, Jr.
                                                                          professional singer/college professor

"After just one lesson I began transitioning to a healthier tone.  After a few weeks my breathing was becoming stronger.  After a few months my instrument was finding new methods of resonating clearly throughout large spaces, and after only one year I was beginning to hit notes higher than I thought I would ever reach."

                                                                       -Jesse V. Martin III, student