I hope you have been following my student, Sam Woolf, singer/songwriter from Bradenton, FL who made it to the top 5 on American Idol 2014.

Sam's Uncle Tod writes: "Not only is Robert a spectacular voice instructor with a vast knowledge of music, he was the best teacher in general that Sam has ever had.  His comprehensive approach to voice instruction has taught my nephew to sing effortlessly and helped him grow as a young man."

Hey, I like that!   Go Sam!!

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And check out his American Idol performances on YouTube!
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You can sample the first three videos for free, or get the entire course for a great price.  The price may vary, as discounts are often available, but it's definitely a bargain!  Hey, I give away some of my best secrets on how to sound great, extend your range, and other good stuff.  

Here is a review from a satisfied customer:

"Vocal Warmups for Great Technique is very comprehensive and informative.  I loved every lecture/practice.  The instructor did an excellent job of modeling what he was teaching, and I felt confident in following each practice session.  I am happy I found such a great vocal training course."   -Dollie J.

UPDATE: Feb. 2018
I just released my second online vocal instruction course, and am getting great reviews!  It's called "BREATHING FOR BETTER SINGING".  You can find it at
Go to my fb business page, Vocal Instruction by Robert Lischetti, and get some more info on the progress and activities of my students.
My "Italian Classics" CD is available online. Click on this link to sample some tracks.
Congratulations to my number one classical student, Tatev Baroyan, on being a winner of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions in the Florida District for 2019!